Thursday, April 15, 2010

Run to Ensign Peak

*What made this a quality run? The company, the scenery, the elevation change of 1220 feet, the fact that we freakin' rock!
*What made this a high effort run? The elevation change of 1180 feet - both up and down - and the distance of 12.1 miles, my longest distance in eight months (since Mesa Falls marathon in August '09).
We had originally planned to run up City Creek Canyon, but we missed the turn-off. We just wound our way through the neighborhood until the road up was gated. At that point, we turned west and ran some more. Then, we saw this little nature park in the side of the hill with a little trail that went up to something. Wanting to get some more elevation, we headed up the trail, but we didn't take the "little" trail, we took the longer trail thinking that it would quickly loop around. Well, it didn't. We kept going up and up and up until we reached the peak of the mountain. It was awesome. We never made it to the something that we had originally planned to see, but that's OK because the view from the peak had to have been better than what we would have seen. I'm so glad that I had my phone with me.
*Quads, hams, and calves were screaming at the end, and we took a lot of walk breaks, but we had a GREAT time!
Distance: 12.1 miles. Elevation change: 1180'. Pace: 11:51mpm (pretty good considering that we easily walked a mile; we walked the entire trail up; it was that steep!
(Oh, and I've lost five pounds in a week!)
View from Ensign Pean looking southwest

View from Ensign Peak looking south with capitol building in the lower left

Ensign Peak monument

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