Thursday, May 30, 2013

another lucky day

Same route as yesterday, but my first mile was 30 seconds slower! When I looked down and saw 11:40, I just about flipped out! I redeemed myself for the most part, though. I didn't do any speedwork - just a steady pace for the remaining 2.7 miles averagine 10:17mpm for those 2+ miles. It was nice and cool. I'm happy to get the miles in now because it will be HOT soon!
The super irritating part is this: As I was running (on the wrong side of the road), I heard an ambulance coming up. Knowing that I was on the wrong side, I was running on the very edge of the road to be as safe as possible. Then, I thought "cars are going to be pulling over, maybe I should run on the dirt for just a bit." As soon as I stepped off of the edge of the road and onto the dirt, a car drove by IN the parking lane at easily 50mph. Not STOPPING, mind you. If I hadn't stepped off, they would have hit me. Grrrrr....
Stats: 3.69 miles in 39:17 for a 10:39mpm pa

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This was the first-ever Tooele 1/2 Marathon, and it was a FREE event. Yay! We started up Middle Canyon and ran down to Droubay. We stayed on Droubay until Bates Canyon where we turned and ran to the high school. Easy course to follow. By mile 9, I was regretting the boot camp class that I had completed the day before. We started at 6am which is a good thing since it was starting to get hot on the shade-less Droubay road. There were 28 people there - all via a FB community page. Not bad! The mileage was a bit off, so our 1/2 marathon was actually 13.55 miles. My splits are below:
Mile 1: 11:26
Mile 2: 10:50
Mile 3: 10:59
Mile 4: 11:07
Mile 5: 11:01
Mile 6/7: 22:05 (or 11:03 each)
Mile 8: 12:57 (potty break!)
Mile 9: 10:49
Mile 10: 10:56
Mile 11: 11:19
Mile 12: 12:12
Mile 13+: 12:06
This was a PR for the distance, but only by three minutes. I was hoping for much better. However, it was my longest run of the year, and my longest distance since sometime last year (or maybe more?), so I'm OK with it. My 1/2 in July will be much better.
My legs were SORE for the next two days. Stiff as all hell, quads and calves.
Stats (overall): 13.55 miles in 2:27:30 for a 10:53mpm pace
22nd of 28 runners.

Starting line:

Halfway point on Droubay Road:

Finish line at Stansbury High:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

"group" run... ha!

This was part of our co-workers group run. These would make more sense if I actually ran the same pace as anyone. So, "group" runs are basically just me running with some people in front of me (getting further away), and some people behind me (catching up). We went on the Liberty loop, and I chose to run the very outside perimeter of the park because I wanted to challenge myself a bit (since I haven't run since last Friday), and because I wanted as much mileage as possible. I think that the perimeter just added .1 mile maximum to my overall run. I had to add a jaunt around the building at the tail end of the run to get the 5 miles in! My pace wasn't bad considering that I slow down on the grass/dirt at the park because of the uneven footing.
Stats: 5 miles in 52:09 for a 10:26mpm pace

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long run - two days early

I ran my long run today instead of Saturday for a couple of reasons. First, we're going to be really busy on Saturday. Second, we slept at granny's last night, and I didn't have bus fare! It wasn't a very great run. OK, but not great. I've had dizziness due to Meniere's since Tuesday night, and it's exhausting. Not to mention nauseating. So, blah. At about miles 7.5, I had to stop and just stop. I was tired. I then walked an entire block and considered walking the remaining distance, but then I realized that I was close enough to work that coworkers could possibly see me, and I just couldn't have that!
Stats: 8.32 miles in 1:34:12 for an 11:29mpm pace

Monday, May 13, 2013

another LROY - much better than last week!

This run was 10x better than last weekend's run! First, I ran the Bevan/Coleman loop carrying my movie from the night before. At about mile 2.5, I dropped it off at the library. (The First Grader. I recommend it.) Then, I finished that 5.6 mile loop and stopped off at the house to get Sadie. She ran the next 3.3 with me. Then, I stopped to get Lizzy, thinking that she had a mile in her (she did just a couple of weeks ago). Alas, I think she has run her last run. She was struggling to walk and keep up with me, so I had a 1/2 mile cool down with her. I thought about calling it quits for the day, but I only had a mile to go before I got my 10 in for the day. I went back out and did one lap at the cemetary. I felt better at the end of 10 miles than I did at 3 miles last week!
Stats: 10 miles in 1:54:54 for an 11:29mpm pace

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well, THAT was interesting!

Well, that was an interesting run! As part of the co-workers group run, I was slated to run 6 miles: 2 at normal pace, 1 at tempo, and 3 at normal. My tempo mile was interrupted by two things: a) Van running red light who missed me by 10 feet, and b) me helping the motorist that the van hit 2 seconds later. I called the cops for her, waited for the cops and EMTs to get there, and then continued on my way. Half mile later, I came just a minute late to the next accident where a person drove up and out of an underground parking and hit a pedestrian who was then lying on the ground holding his head. There were plenty of people there to help him, so I continued on my way. I turned around at my 1/2 way point and headed back. The gal from the first accident was still there, so I sat with her until her dad arrived. I DID manage to get my tempo mile in, but the "run" took me almost two hours to complete.
Stats: 5.73 miles in 59:37 for a 10:24mpm pace

Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, I just did NOT want to do this run today. I was stiff and blah and tired from the weekend's long run and a day in the garden. I DID NOT WANT TO RUN. But, I was scheduled for 5, and I want to stick to the schedule. I ran 2 at my normal pace (and stretched every light I could), one at an increased pace (and I wanted to just quit) and another 1.5 at my normal pace. Yes - I only ran 4.5 instead of 5, but by the end, I just didn't care at all. At least I got out the door!
Stats: 4.5 miles in 48:43 for a 10:50mpm pace

I did NOT want to run more than 3

Hmmm... Not a great pace. I started from our house and had intended to do two standard loops that I use a lot. Then, I changed my mind. I just wanted to do something different, so I started weaving in and out of streets to accumulate mileage and made my way to Grimm's Gate. Then, I ran through that field and down the hill onto Middle Canyon Road. I was going to run up that road a ways until I spotted an unhappy dog up ahead. I decided not to run past it, so I turned back down and stopped at the golf course for a drink. This was about mile 3, and I knew then that I didn't want to go any further, but I still had six miles to go! Then, it was down to 7th Ave and back up to Droubay until 1000 North. It was about here that my body finally went to auto-pilot, and I stopped the internal bitching. Finally, I wound my way back to Broadway and home. I think that the hills at the beginning impacted my pace, and I took several walk breaks at the end.
Stats: 9.06 miles in 1:43:51 for an 11:28mpm pace

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

improving pace

This was a pretty quick run. I should have gotten out the door at 5am, but I sat in the chair and tried to sleep for an hour. It didn't work, and I wasted that time. I am happy to say that my pace is improving! Now, I just need to drop some serious weight.
Stats: 3.1 miles in 31:22 for a 10:07mpm pace