Friday, May 29, 2009

thank goodness for helicopters

Liz and I took the boys to Grimm's gate and back. I was wiped out before I even started, but I know that I do need to increase my mileage and that after a week or so of this, I will be fine. The run up was hard. We walked several times, but never more than a minute. I did stop my watch 2x on the way up because we paused to watch a helicopter fly by twice. The boys were so excited. We also said "hi" to the moon - a lot. We stopped once on the way down, too, to talk to some nice cows along the fence line. We ran the rest of the way home. Great pace (11:52) considering my exhaustion.

Also, last weekend I tried to simulate what my relay experience would be - but to no avail. The 7-miler downhill happened on day three instead of day one. The 8-miler of steady climb on day two was really a 6.3 mile run while pushing the boys (which should be considered a 20-miler, for sure), and it happened on day one. The 3-miler for day three didn't happen at all due to rain, and by the time the rain cleared, I had already consumed two beers. Oh well. Maybe next weekend with better planning. Wait - that's Pride weekend, and then the race is the next week!

I also managed to squeeze in a USU loop with the boys where I tried the Galloway 1/1 method on Wednesday. That Jeff Galloway knows what he is talking about. I did 1/1 (or 2/1 since I kept losing track of time) on the second half of the loop but finished with a time comparable to what I would have had doing my normal splits. But, it felt like I was cheating....

Friday, May 22, 2009

jump ups and slides

Lizzy and I took the boys in the stroller. I felt very sluggish for the first two miles even though they were at a descent. The next two miles were an ascent, and I was tired. The heat didn't help. We stopped about 4.25 miles to play at the park for 1/2 hour. I did crunches as well as standing jumps up to a platform of sorts about 12" off the ground. I also chased the boys around the playground equipment. We had fun.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rainy days

It's tough getting back into the swing of things, but there is only a month until the relay and three months until the marathon! (YIKES!) Lizzy and I took the boys and that damned jog stroller up to Grimm's Gate and back. The run up was hard, and the run back was rainy. So rainy that I had to turn the stroller around and pull it backwards because the rain was pelting the boys in the fact. It was sunny when we left the house.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

catch up

We're back from Florida. It was great. I planned to run almost every day, but managed only to run 2x. The boys' schedules were all messed up resulting in either really late nights or really early mornings or both!

To redeem myself, I hustled up the 203 steps of the Ponce Inlet lighthouse in 2:36. I did have to slow for some other people, and I wasn't running, but I tried to be quick about it.

I've run once since being home. It was a hard run of the 4.5 mile USU loop! Liz and I took the boys in the stroller. My quads and calves were tight after the lighthouse and hours and hours in planes and airports trying to get home. Plus, it was hot, and that stroller is getting heavier and heavier! We stopped at about 3.5 miles so that the boys could play at a playground (and so that I could get a rest).