Friday, April 2, 2010

First 10-miler of the year

In preparation for Sapper Joe's, Carol and I have decided to run our long distances on Fridays, and we are determined to get some hills and elevation in - no matter that they won't compare to the 2000' gain of SJ. Today, we ran 10 miles which included two laps in Sugarhouse (with those nasty little hills) and up to 2100 East. We had to wander around a neighborhood in order to get the distance in, but we managed a total of 10 miles with hills at - get this - 10:47mpm pace!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I rarely run that pace on flat, short runs! Holy cow!
Our minimum elevation was 4250 and our maximum was 4600. I burned 1375 calories. It was no Sapper Joe, but it's a start!

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