Wednesday, April 21, 2010

not as fast as the ROTC

We decided to run slow and short today in preparation for tomorrow's long run. We did one lap at Liberty, but we did the outside perimeter instead of the wood chip path. This actually gave us .1 more mile (which makes me feel like a rockstar for some reason). So, our mileage was 4.62 @ 10:44mpm - so much for slower! But, we both feel good and ready for tomorrow. I think that we probably feel better than the ROTC folks who were there running some sort of time trial thing. They were all sprinting at the finish and gasping for breath. We need to do some of that, but I think that we'll wait to really seriously do it after Wasatch Back. Right now, we're training for hills (which will ultimately help our speed), but after WBR, I really want to train for speed.

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