Friday, April 9, 2010

Make it end!

This run was everything that last week's 10-miler was not.

Carol and I had planned to run 13. We were going to go from work, up to the capitol, and halfway up City Creek Canyon. I confessed my fatigue first thing this morning because I didn't want Carol to expect a blistering pace from me. She was was pretty wiped out, so we started out slow. It just got worse from there.

13 miles turned in to 12.5 which turned in to 12. When we got the South Temple, we decided to bag the canyon and run the hills at the UofU. We turned east. When we got to 1300 East, we decided to bag the hills at the U. 12 miles now turned in to 10. We were taking frequent walk breaks, and slogging it out wasn't fun. We were miserable.

At some point, Carol looked at me and said "You can't drag me to 2100 South. I'm not doing 10." At the very next walk break, I said "How important is 10, really?" We turned and headed back to work.

Our final mileage was 9.28 @ 11:15mpm. It full-on sucked.

Both of us hydrated well yesterday. I did a bit of carb loading last night (with the right kinds of food, not beer). We each only ran 4 days this week (including today). So, what the crap?

There were some good parts of this run. 1) We never run up by the U, so it was really fun to look at all of the old houses - especially over by the Avenues. 2) My new hydration belt (which was free, by the way) was really comfy. I did get a bit of rubbing on my stomach, but that's because my stomach is so flabby. Otherwise, it sat nicely in the small of my back and the bottles were easy to access.

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