Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Run 1 of 2. Since the POS-Honda is still being worked on, we are a 1-car family. My carpool is happy to pick me up at the house, but it makes me feel guilty. So, yesterday I brought clothes and food for the rest of the week so that I could run to meet my carpool. It worked out well this morning. I already have 3.81 miles done for the day. Carol and I are about to go out again.
3.81 milesin 41:26 for a 10:53mpm pace

Run 2 of 2 for the day. At the end of the run, I really had to struggle to keep up with Carol. This is the most mileage I've had in one day since probably June (pathetic), so I was tired towards the end. This was, however, a good run. We did Sugarhouse, and the hills were about as exciting as I expected them to be. We were the ONLY people in the park, and there was a slight foggy mist that gave the whole place a very serene feeling.
Stats: 5.6 miles in 1:02:38 for an 11:12mpm pace

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noodles have got nothin' on me!

As always, the run after weight class was weird. NOODLE legs, big time for the first 1/2 mile. Then, they were too dead and cold (shorts in 28* weather) that I didn't even notice anymore. I think that both of us were just running in cadence to our breathing - which, after weight class is always heavier because she kicks our butts. We just did three short miles because, well, we have bills to pay and therefore work to do, but they were a good three miles!
Stats: 3.1 miles in 32:41 for a 10:33mpm pace
Take THAT, noodles-with-feet!
PS - I weighed myself this morning and was shocked to find out that I didn't gain any weight over the 4-day weekend where I was, apparently, VERY thankful for chocolate-beet cookies with white chocolate chunks.

Monday, November 28, 2011

She's NOT a complete dufus!

Well, this was Sadie's first run. She's about 18 months now, and I know that I should have taken her out long before this, but she's a freakin' spaz. I expected to be tripped up every ten steps, but she did GREAT. She really did. I am so pleased. I had to be back home before 7am to help get everyone ready and out the door before 8am, so I cut my normal route short. I think that Sade was grateful for that. I now have a good reason to get out on the weekends. The only bad part of the run was leaving poor ol' Lizzy behind. She's just getting too old for a run. I promised to take her out for a walk tonight when we get home, but I felt horrible shutting the door in her face. She used to love running. She probably still would, but it's the pain and stiffness post-run that I worry most about with her. She is, after all, 12 years old - maybe 13.
Stats: 3.66 miles in approximately 41:00 minutes (didn't have my running watch, just my phone) for an 11:13mpm pace

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm going to be stiff(er) tomorrow

Yesterday's weight class started out with walking lunges and straddle lunges, and I've been feeling them since Luci (short for Lucifer, aka Carolyn) said "go". So, what else would I choose but the hills of Sugarhouse park? I'm going to need some yoga tomorrow morning..... It was a solo run, and it was awesome. Chilly, but the sun was just lighting the sky. I dunno, but it was just really nice!
Stats: 5.5 miles in 57:39 for a 10:20mpm pace

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dead legs? No problem.

Wow - give me another weight class like that! My legs were so dead that they didn't realize that they should be tired on the run! The first 1/2 mile was complete spaghetti legs, and then it felt like we were just struggling to finish. Apparently, we were struggling to finish faster than our usual post-weight class run!
Stats: 3.1 miles in 33:09 for a 10:42mpm pace

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ahhhhhh..... 50*!

Even though it was windy this morning, it was also 50*! In the morning! In the middle of November! I had to ignore the wind and take advantage of short-sleeve weather. Carol and I did the outside Liberty loop with a little extra added in at the end. We didn't talk a lot because, well, not much is happening right now. Not much to talk about, and she is still battling a cold. (She does sound much better today, and ther achilles didn't bother her nearly as much as it did yesterday.)
Stats: 5.52 miles in 1:01:10 for an 11:05mpm pace

Thursday, November 17, 2011

working out stiff legs

I was STIFF and sore this morning. Instead of stretching everything out, yoga work was concentrated on quads, glutes, and hams today, so they were tired when we got out the door for a short run. About 1/2 block into the run, Carol begged off due to a nagging pain in the achilles tendon. Runs smart, that woman. So, I continued on to the edge of Liberty and back to work for a short run just to get some miles in before work started.
Stats: 3.1 miles in 32:38 for a 10:32mpm pace

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chit Chat

There was nothing remarkable about this run although we had plenty to remark on (talk about) the entire time. It was just a good day to catch up on everything that is going on in each of our lives. We were a smidge slower because Carol is still recovering from her chest cold and has some times when it's hard for her to catch her breath. Well, that and I just got tired at the end of the run.... In all, it was a good run up to East High and back.
Stats: 7.21 miles in 1:21:14 for an 11:17mpm pace

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pants are meant to be around your waist, not your butt.

Due to drama and tears at my desk this morning (not mine), we didn't have time to run after lift class. That's probably a good thing since our legs were rather trashed. So, after a day of sitting at my cubicle and doing nothing but WORK, I decided to get out the door for an afternoon run. Knowing that my carpool would be here shortly, I ran pretty hard. I only took one real break and that was to clear a photo off of my phone so that i could take a picture of a girl with some serious butt crack. Yes. I was going to post to the Facebook. She realized that half of her ass was showing before I had a chance to snap the picture. If it hadn't been for that, I would have had a sub-10 pace. Oh well. It was worth a try.
Stats: 3.12 miles in 31:16 for a 10:02mpm pace

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sick? Who's sick?

Today was surprisingly warm (39*), so I took off half of the clothes that I was wearing before we ran downtown. Carol has been battling a horrible cold, so we did a bunch of walk breaks. I'll tell you, she runs as fast when she is sick when I do when I am well. She's amazing!
Stats: 5.46 miles in 57:33 for a 10:33mpm pace

Friday, November 11, 2011

Oooooo, baby!

According to, it was "30* feels like 22*" when I started my run this morning. I even had to wear two pairs of pants! I was able to take off my gloves at mile 2, and I finally got just warm enough to unzip my jacket about 3", but other than that, I stayed bundled (and I'm still cold!). I did Sugarhouse today, but I think that I started out too fast because I lost all of my steam on the hills. I ran up them, but walked a bit too much at the top. Too little water yesterday was probably part of the problem. I still managed to power out a decent pace.
Stats: 5.5 miles in 57:57 for a 10:33mpm pace

Thursday, November 10, 2011

AAANNNDDD..... she biffs it.

Even WITH my big biff and a lot of walk breaks and really heavy, cold legs, we managed to maintain a really good pace for the entire run on the Liberty route. Yes, so it begins: months of runs in Liberty Park because the roads/sidewalks there are almost always snow and ice free. Boring! However, if I continue to trip over 1/4" cracks in the road, there will be excitement. The kids waiting for the school bus across the street were entertained, I'm sure, but to their credit, not one of them laughed out loud or pointed or made crappy remarks. At least, not while I was in ear shot. I had so much momentum that I skidded in two different places on my right knee (ripping my pants) and didn't come to a total stop until my cheekbone actually hit (barely bumped, actually) the road. Oh, it was a good one, for sure. When I looked for the boulder that I surely had tripped over, all I found was an itty bitty crack in the road. Maybe someone moved the boulder? Maybe Carol pushed me? (Maybe I should just pick up my cloddy feet?)
Stats: 4.5 miles in 47:50 for a 10:38mpm pace

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Boy, it has gotten cold fast! 26* today at run time, but I'm loving it. No ice on the road yet, so no worries for us! Carol has been sick for 4 days, but you would never know. We just ran a sub-11 for more than 5 miles. She's amazing.
Stats: 5.44 miles in 59:23 for a 10:55mpm pace

Monday, November 7, 2011


Even from my own spouse. Yes. I ran this morning. It was only 32*, for the love. Last year, we ran in everything down to 6*. (I thought it was 16*, but Carol recently corrected me.) I'm going to keep running in the winter. Frankly, I almost like it better than spring or fall running, and I like it a LOT more than July/August running. It's beautiful. It's exhilirating. It's quiet(ish). It's a challenge. It almost burns off all of the sugar from this time of year.
Stats: 5.5 miles in 58:07 for a 10:34mpm pace

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Capitol Hill hill sucks - or I need to run it more

Well, this run was just a mish-mash of routes brought on by the fact that I don't think neither Carol nor I wanted to actually work today. We ran up to the capitol (and I use the term "ran" loosely - it was a harsh hill) and around that area a bit. The last two miles were very long, and we were convinced that we were slower than cold tar. However, the time was respectable - especially considering the long walk that we took on the last half of the hill to the capitol.
Stats: 7.05 miles in 1:18:26 for an 11:08mpm pace

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Regardless of what the calendar says (or my dentist or the phlebotomist)

It's here. Winter, that is. I don't care that the calendar still puts it a month and a half out, it's friggin' cold. My legs just did not want to run in the 30* temperatures this morning. The miles seemed long and slow. (I actually wasn't supposed to be running this morning at all due to some dental work yesterday, but whatever. It's like blood donation. I am part of the 20%, not the 80%. At least, that's what I've decided. If my mouth is bleeding later, then I will regret this decision but not until then.) Even though the miles seemed to last forever, I'm glad that we went and got our blood pumping. It will make the rest of the day go that much faster, and I will appreciate my hot chocolate even more!
Stats: 4.52 miles in 49:26 for a 10:57mpm pace