Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last workout of 2014

With my fitness completely sucking in 2014, I decided to try something new for the last workout of 2014: show shoeing. I met up with Charlie at 3:35am, and we drove to the “Serengeti” trailhead in Pine Canyon where we met Sandra, Renae, and Tracy. Charlie loaned me a pair of snowshoes, and then had to show me how to use them. Once we all got buckled up, we took off. It was 4am and 5* below zero.

It was so dark. There was very little light pollution because Erda and Stansbury Park were a couple of miles to the west, and Tooele was to the South. The stars were so bright, and I actually saw two shooting stars. (I guess the universe thinks that my first wish was not sufficient?)

Even though the mountains were totally dark, they had just enough snow on them to make them stand out against the black sky. It was beautiful but a bit noisy. I realize that the snow is going to crunch beneath the snow shoes, but I was very noisy… What I read said that I should wear a nylon layer on the top – kind of like a windbreaker. So, I did. My jacket was SO noisy! Swishy and crinkling, and I swear it was so cold that every time I moved I felt like my jacket was breaking into pieces!

But it was fun, and I’m looking for a pair of snowshoes on one of the classifieds websites!

The bad part? I was up at 3:15am. This means that it’s going to be HARD to stay up until midnight… UG! I hope the boys fall asleep early!