Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Regardless of what the calendar says (or my dentist or the phlebotomist)

It's here. Winter, that is. I don't care that the calendar still puts it a month and a half out, it's friggin' cold. My legs just did not want to run in the 30* temperatures this morning. The miles seemed long and slow. (I actually wasn't supposed to be running this morning at all due to some dental work yesterday, but whatever. It's like blood donation. I am part of the 20%, not the 80%. At least, that's what I've decided. If my mouth is bleeding later, then I will regret this decision but not until then.) Even though the miles seemed to last forever, I'm glad that we went and got our blood pumping. It will make the rest of the day go that much faster, and I will appreciate my hot chocolate even more!
Stats: 4.52 miles in 49:26 for a 10:57mpm pace

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