Thursday, November 10, 2011

AAANNNDDD..... she biffs it.

Even WITH my big biff and a lot of walk breaks and really heavy, cold legs, we managed to maintain a really good pace for the entire run on the Liberty route. Yes, so it begins: months of runs in Liberty Park because the roads/sidewalks there are almost always snow and ice free. Boring! However, if I continue to trip over 1/4" cracks in the road, there will be excitement. The kids waiting for the school bus across the street were entertained, I'm sure, but to their credit, not one of them laughed out loud or pointed or made crappy remarks. At least, not while I was in ear shot. I had so much momentum that I skidded in two different places on my right knee (ripping my pants) and didn't come to a total stop until my cheekbone actually hit (barely bumped, actually) the road. Oh, it was a good one, for sure. When I looked for the boulder that I surely had tripped over, all I found was an itty bitty crack in the road. Maybe someone moved the boulder? Maybe Carol pushed me? (Maybe I should just pick up my cloddy feet?)
Stats: 4.5 miles in 47:50 for a 10:38mpm pace

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