Saturday, October 29, 2011

I hate that friggin car

In a rare weekend run, I took the long route from the house to Goodyear to pick up our piece of crap car. I hate that thing. There is a chance that I ran with a decent pace because the hate was fueling my legs. I can't wait to sell it. I hate it. And, yes. I know that I just used hate three times in three sentences. The boys and I have been talking about what "hate" means because they saw or heard it somewhere and now Meatball says it. (I know. Get used to it, right?) What I've told them is that "hate" means that you wish something were dead and that it would never come back. That's why we don't say it when it comes to people. However, for this car, I believe that it's safe to use the term.
Stats: 4 miles in 41:50 for a 10:28mpm pace

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