Monday, November 28, 2011

She's NOT a complete dufus!

Well, this was Sadie's first run. She's about 18 months now, and I know that I should have taken her out long before this, but she's a freakin' spaz. I expected to be tripped up every ten steps, but she did GREAT. She really did. I am so pleased. I had to be back home before 7am to help get everyone ready and out the door before 8am, so I cut my normal route short. I think that Sade was grateful for that. I now have a good reason to get out on the weekends. The only bad part of the run was leaving poor ol' Lizzy behind. She's just getting too old for a run. I promised to take her out for a walk tonight when we get home, but I felt horrible shutting the door in her face. She used to love running. She probably still would, but it's the pain and stiffness post-run that I worry most about with her. She is, after all, 12 years old - maybe 13.
Stats: 3.66 miles in approximately 41:00 minutes (didn't have my running watch, just my phone) for an 11:13mpm pace

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