Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wiped Out!

I was wiped out during this run. Carol and I had both thought about the route over the evening, and we both independently came up with the 8th South hill. We haven't run it for a LONG time, so it made sense that we should get back on it. Well, it kicked our asses. I have lots of excuses (marathon only ten days ago, I have been sick nine of those ten days, I didn't have any food yesterday until 2:30pm due to a doctor's appoint, etc., weight clasee yesterday morning), but not being able to run more of the hill than we did was frustrating. Honestly, we probably walked more of the hill than we ran! It was miserable and hard to get to seven miles! Horrible pace...
Stats: 7.11 miles in 1:23:13 for an 11:43mpm pace

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