Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who attached the noodles?

So, last week, I took advantage of the fitness classes now offered at work (yay!), and I quite enjoyed yoga. The lift/stretch class was more cardio/stretch with a little lift thrown in for excitement. However, today's lift class confirmed what had been lurking in the back of my mind since, I dunno, my mid-20s? My upper body strength sucks. Well, that's if it exists at all which is currently in question.

The instructor seemed nice enough in her perky little green top and headset, but when she told me to pick up the heavier weights for the 92nd time, I wanted to throw one at her. Of course, I didn't have enough upper body strength to do so, but whatever.

By the end of the class, my arms were like noodles stuck in my shoulder sockets. I'm sticking with the class. I obviously need to.

I haven't run since last Friday in an attempt to get over this cold once and for all. I'm feeling 85% at this point, so I'll start running again tomorrow.

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