Wednesday, June 13, 2012

SUCKY RUN - whiner alert

This run SUCKED. I don't know why. Carol doesn't know why. It just SUCKED. Both of us felt sluggish in our legs and just blah the entire way. We were slated to do a 10 miler, and we were both looking forward to it - until this morning. Yuck, yuck, yuck. We ran our downtown loop with some added blocks in for mileage. We took a walk break every two blocks at least. Sometimes it was EVERY block. It just SUCKED. There was one two-block stretch that was downhill. That was the ONLY good part of the run. PLUS, it was stinky. There was one stretch that had the stench of ripe garbage. Another section reeked of doggie doo. One entire block downtown smelled just awful and the air even TASTED awful! (I think that maybe the lawns had just been sprayed or something?) BLECK! The only nice part of the run was that we were both having a bad day at the same time. (I would have felt horrible if I had ruined a good run for Carol by my AWFULNESS.) Stats: 6.91 miles in 1:18:07 for an 11:19mpm pace PS - today's post brought to you by the UNNECESSARY use of CAPITAL LETTERS!

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