Thursday, June 14, 2012

still sluggish

This run was not as bad as yesterday's, but it was still hard. My legs were/are still tired, and I still wasn't feeling it. I drank plenty of water yesterday, so that wasn't the problem. During yoga this morning, my quads were very tired - probably because I did a couple of one-minute wall squats yesterday (on top of tired legs from weight class on Tuesday and an almost-seven mile run in the morning). I'm sure that all of these things together are making my legs feel sluggish, but I don't see the need to back off of any of them. After all, I should totally be able to do a couple of wall squats without being a gimp the next day, right? Anyway, SoSaLa was as un-scenic as ever, but it was a nice change of pace from my typical 3-mile route. Stats: 3.15 miles in 30:45 for a 9:46mpm pace

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