Wednesday, June 6, 2012

8th South hell... hill... hell.... whatever

Carol's knee is twinging again, so I ran alone. I was supposed to do 7 miles, and that usually means the route around Westminster. Today, however, I thought that I would do it in reverse, and THAT means running UP the hill on 8th South. I knew that it needed to be done, and I knew that Carol shouldn't do it anytime soon with a wonky knee, do I did it this morning. And, when I say "run," I truly mean "run-20-steps-walk-20-steps-run-25-steps-walk-10-steps-etc." Um, it was miserable. I hate that hill. It's such a bitch. However, if I'm running the hardest legs at Ragnar Vegas this year (and I am), then I've got to get the hill training done NOW. This will not be the last time I do this run in reverse... Stats: 7.39 miles in 1:17:27 for a 10:29mpm pace

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