Monday, June 11, 2012

but, I'm reading a really good book

Since I sat on my fat fanny all weekend, this was a good run to get in. I didn't run at all on Saturday or Sunday which means I've now missed three long runs in a row. NOT a good way to train for a marathon. In fact, this is exactly the same way that I've trained for my last two marathons, and they have been miserable experiences. I've got to shake this bad habit! We ran a bit slower and took a lot of walk breaks today because Carol just ran a 1/2 on Saturday and is still in recovery mode. (OK - I didn't sit on my ass ALL weekend. On Saturday morning, I went out to check one of the blackberry patches and noticed that the entire cherry tree had turned red. The cherries were yellow just two days before. So, Saturday was spent pitting cherries. In all fairness, though, I should have had my long run in before I ever went out to check that berry patch, but I got up and read my book instead.....) Stats: 5.08 miles in 58:30 for an 11:31mpm pace

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