Tuesday, June 12, 2012

forgetting - too busy

If I would have had a bit more energy at the start of this run, it would have been a sub-10. UG! Weight class was effective - I know this because my legs were pretty spent. I ran solo because Carol had a meeting. It was a very nice morning - very bright. The vernal equinox is next week already! I like the light conditions, but sometimes I don't like the heat very much. While running today, I remembered that I was supposed to send an e-mail to a group of people. Totally forgot. I remembered that I was going to send an appreciation button to a friend of mine. I totally forgot. I remembered that I am waiting for a call back from the dentist. They have totally forgotten me. There are about 10,000 things that I need to get done before the arts festival next weekend - it's just ten days away! I hope that I remember even half of them. After the festival is over, I'll start remembering something... Maybe. Stats: 3.1 miles in 31:01 for a 10:01mpm pace (ug! so close!)

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