Saturday, January 31, 2009

first 5K of 2009

Lizzy and I made it to the race just in time to say hi to Carol, her husband, Gary, and her sister, Claudine. I couldn't find a leash, so Lizzy had a scarf tied to her collar for half of the race. I was not registered for this race, so I didn't partake in any of the post run food or beverages or anything. The first mile was stupidly fast: 9:40. During this time, I saw my good friend, Nate, blaze past me. (He was just a smidge late for the race, but ran a great time anyway.) I saw Nate again during the second mile as he had already made the turn around and was headed back. My second mile was just shy of 10 minutes as was the third mile. I only slowed to walk three times for about 10-15 seconds each time and only because I took Lizzy off her scarf/leash, put her back on, and took her off again. I generally set my sights on some runner or another and tried to pass him/her. It worked really well. I passed a girl at the very end which I think panicked her. She picked up her pace so that we were side by side until the finish line where I had to pull up and let her run through the chute since she was registered and all.... I really felt like puking when I stopped, but that feeling subsided when I took off my fleece shirt. We found Nate and chit chatted where Carol joined us once she crossed the finish line. She, too, had a good run. In all, it was a good morning, and since this was my best 5K time ever (at 30:06), I'm looking forward to the year ahead!

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