Thursday, January 22, 2009

Really - what was I thinking?

So, my first relay team didn't work out. Communication problems. They dropped me from the team. Fine. So, I'm on an all women's team, and the runner assignments were made yesterday. The captain "claims" to have drawn the names out of a hat....

I am runner #6. Sounds innocuous enough, doesn't it?

Well, the first leg is described as "knee jarring." 6.9 miles - 4 on gravel. The first 1.2 are a 277' ascent. The next 5.7 are a 1396' descent. Holy cats! I was worried about running UPhill. I never even considered the downhill legs.

The second leg is termed "difficult uphill." 695' over 5.2 miles, to be exact. I guess it's good that I was concerned about the uphills!

"Flat leg through green pastures" is what I have to look forward to after beating the crap out of myself in the first two segments. Whew! Thank goodness for those green pastures! Yeah - as if that's going to make up for the fact that my feet will look like hamburger after leg 1 and my quads will be tighter than my pocketbook after leg 2.

And even though I'm a bit freaked out, I'm doing this willingly, and I'm excited. THAT is the freaky part! Another new, another first, another challenge.


Iris said...

Good luck with the relay adventure. My first was last summer. It's a different feeling for a runner to be in on a "team" effort. Some pressure, but lots of fun getting to know other people!

Thanks for the expression of concern regarding the ankle. It was much appreciated!

Deene said...

either it still sounds like fun. my husband "accidentally" got on a team for the Wild West Relay. when i described to him the course and all, he wanted to back out and offered me to the team instead to take his place.