Friday, January 16, 2009

Inside-my-head voice yells "Woo-hoo!"

Lizzy and I ran five laps at the cemetary. Each lap was progressively faster. I made sure that I was never more than 10 minutes/lap, and it paid off. The first lap was exactly 10 minutes, and each subsequent lap was 9 and change. I also increased my run/walk intervals to 11/1 (from 10/1), and I think that this helped my overall time. At the end, I almost did a really loud "Woo-hoo!", but that's just not me. I don't know why - there was nobody around. I am, however, very excited about my pace; it was an average of 10:35 mpm pace. I tell ya', I'm a running machine (when I manage to get my butt out of the door.) My quads were really feeling the push, but no pain. I'm a smidge stiff now, but I think that's due to my complete lack of a stretching regime. I did, however, do 100 crunches and day two (again) of the 100-push-up challenge. Maybe this week I'll actually move on to day three!

Other news: I haven't heard from my relay "team" for almost a month. If I don't hear from them soon, I'm going to find another team.

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