Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good pace (for me), good mantra

Today's run was 10:49 mpm for 4.5 miles. I think that this is the best pace I've ever had on the Broadway loop. The first two miles were faster than the last 2.5, but downhills always are. I hate to pace myself on downhills even when I know that I'm going to have a positive split. This was a good run - I even ran up the cemetary hill (which I hate). Lizzy had a good time.

At the end of the run, I kept repeating part of a quote that I have posted at my desk. Basically, it talks about how those who get off their asses and do something are different from those who live life from the sidelines. I'm trying to be the person in the game. I'm tired of being on the sidelines. Anyway.... I kept chanting "buts or brilliance, reasons why not or recounting of, excuses or experiences."

Bub and I talked tonight about my inability to find a consistent and good time to run. I won't run when the boys are awake unless they can go with me because I just don't get enough time with them. So, I need to run when they are asleep - morning, nap or night. It's hard to run in the morning because I feel guilty if they wake when I'm gone causing Bub to get up (IsaV, stop rolling your eyes). I can only run at naptime on the weekends, and frankly, that's when I'm able to get something done around here. Evening is hard because it's not terribly safe and I get tired, too! We agreed that mornings will need to be my time. Bub's just going to suck it up, and I'm going to need to stop letting guilt run my life. (I feel guilty just writing that.....)


Nathan said...

Oh, man. The plight of a runner. When to run? I find it extremely difficult to run in the morning, but always am glad when I do.

Running at night is tricky, because cars hate us runners.

So good luck. I have a feeling that this is a life-long challenge.

Isabelle said...

It was only the slightest of eye rolling, Ms. Smarty-pants.

Good for you trying to cast off the shackles of guilt. A worthy goal.