Monday, February 2, 2009

Pre-Superbowl long run

Liz and I ran 7.8 miles Sunday morning. We did our route to Grimm's gate and then tacked on the USU loop. I was still tight and stiff - an accumulation of NOT running for most of the week, doing my fastest 5K the day before, not properly stretching ever, and having PMS. (OK - the PMS part probably doesn't mean anything, but I just like to throw it in there as an excuse for sub-par performance on anything.)

My pace was slow - barely under 12 mpm - UG! In my defense, I had PMS (all right, I'll stop bringing it up), it was 23*, and well, whatever. It was slow, but I'm glad that I got it done. Because of my stiffness and tightness, I reduced my run/walk intervals to 9/1. I stuck with them until the last half mile when the hill to the cemetary arrived. I just didn't have enough gas in the tank to run up it, so I took an extra long walk break.

We saw NOBODY. We were passed by maybe five cars, and absolutely NO people. We did manage to spook five deer out there in the dark fields.

I got it done, and then managed to undo any progress that I had made by guzzling beer and chomping on hot wings as we watched the Superbowl. What a great game. I was pulling for the Cardinals, but I have always liked the Steelers. Very exciting game. Our superbowl party consisted of us, the boys, and the dogs. Man, we're getting old.

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