Monday, January 19, 2009

Long run - longest in... how long?!?!?

Lizzy and I ran the Broadway Loop + two laps in the cemetary for a total of 6.3 miles. I am shocked at my pace! 10:33 mpm. Awesome! It was chilly and hazy (inversion), but still a good run. My quads were feeling it at the end, but the two laps at the end in the cemetary were faster than my self-imposed 10 minute lap limit! At the END of a run! Also, this is the longest run I've had in SEVEN months. Seven months! No wonder I haven't been able to lose any weight - I've been busy sitting on my duff. Seven months of 3 and 4 milers. Shameful. Well, onward and upward (mileage, not weight).

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Isabelle said...

If you won't yell it, I will "WOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOO"!!!!" I am proud of you, keep it going & silence your troll!!