Tuesday, September 18, 2012

running with the gazelle

Good Gawd! Yesterday, Carol and I ran the downtown loop at a slow pace because she's struggling with a cold. It was a nice run, we chatted, we ran, we walked. This morming, she decided to take the morning to try and recover since she has a race this weekend. So, I went to weight class (which was a killer), and I was drenched with sweat by the end of class. Then, as I was getting ready to run by myself, one of my coworkers asked how far I was going, and did I mind if she came along. Well, um, yes. I totally mind. Listen. I'm all about company, and friends, and exercise, but she is easily six inches taller than me (you should see her legs!), 40 pounds lighter than me, has about 2% body fat, and is GORGEOUS. (No. I don't have a complex. Why do you ask?) So, off we went. The super model and the ugly step-sister. The gazelle and the hippo. Yes. I know. I'm supposed to visualize myself and talk about myself in term that are glowing and positive, but YOU stand next to her and let's see how YOU feel! HER:
So, as she jogged along chit-chatting, I gasped and strained, grunting route instructions and pointing when I couldn't be understood. Between her and Lucifer, I feel like I got a decent butt-kickin' today! Stats: 3.1 miles in 29:56 for a 9:40mpm pace

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