Thursday, September 20, 2012

bitter - party of 1

Since I had to work late tonight, I stayed home longer than normal this morning. I got up, got my body moving, and then sat in the chair for an hour. I should have just ran. But, I finally got my fat butt out the door - mostly because I remembered the completely unnecessary bowl of Cap'n Crunch that I ate last night out of stress and depression. Yes. I should have gone for a run, instead. I know. I know. Anyway, I leashed up Sadie and took off, completely forgetting my watch. Oh well. Man, this dog is fat! Obviously, Bub has no intention of exercising her during the day, so it falls on me to do this in the evening or mornings. You know, those times when I am frantically trying to get everything else done. OK. Fine. Whatever. She was pretty well behaved (better than when we are walking). Apparently, training BUB'S dog is my responsibility, too. Let's face it. She's my dog. Bub can't stand her. Yes, I'm bitter. After Sadie and I did 3.3 miles, I stopped and picked up Liz to do 1.5 miles. She's getting so old! And, obviously, she doesn't get any exercise, either! Both dogs were pooped by the end of their distances. I, on the other hand, had energy to burn. Too bad I wasted that extra hour this morning! Oh well. Look out, Zumba, here I come this afternoon! Stats: 4.79 miles

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