Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ogden Marathon Relay Race Report

I ran this race as part of a relay team for the Ogden marathon. It was pretty fun, but really cold until the sun finally came up over the mountains. While waiting for my relay handoff (I was runner #2), I saw my current VP run past. His pace was really good, and I had a good feeling that he would BQ. Turns out, he did! YAY! As for my run, the dinner from the night before didn't agree well with me, so, well let's leave it at that. I still had a good pace. The first mile was 10:10. The second mile was 10:20 as I ran with the 4:30 pace group. I think that I could actually stick with that pace group by next year for a full 'thon. The next two miles were exactly 10:00, and the final two miles were both 9:45. I felt really good about my run. I stopped once for about 10 seconds to stretch my quads. Everything else was really nice. The run through Huntsville and Eden was beautiful. I could totally live up there! Stats: 6 miles in 59:55 for a 10mpm pace

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