Tuesday, May 22, 2012

it's getting hot in here....

Oh, how I dislike the heat! I'm running alone all week because Carol is busy relaxing on a cruise. Tough life, yes? After Saturday's race, I took it easy on Sunday. We had a graduation party to attend, and the boys just felt yucky. By 5pm, they both had fevers. We mostly sat around and hugged on them. I took yesterday off of work to get some stuff done around the yard. I succeeded, but my veggie plot still has some weeds. Today was my first run since Saturday. It was also my first weight class for 10 days, and I felt it! My run was hot, but it was a good pace. I did the downtown loop because I need to add in some of the miles that I missed from yesterday. Stats: 5.46 miles in 55:21 for a 10:09mpm pace

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