Wednesday, May 16, 2012

good (surprisingly) pace for a long run

We had another sleepover at Granny's and Gramp's house last night, so I figured I might as well get my long run in today. I didn't drink NEARLY enough water yesterday to make this run feel good, though. By the time I got to Sugarhouse Park and ran into a wall of sprinklers, I decided to just run the road through the park. I knew that this would shorten my distance, but I was SO wiped out that I didn't care. I thought that if I ran to Main and Grove's for my ending spot, I would make up the distance. I was .1 mile off of the last time I ran from Granny's, and .2 off of 13 miles (which was my goal). BUT, close enough! I felt so tired, and by the way I've been sucking down water since I got to my desk, I'm shocked at my pace. 12.84 miles in 2:15:51 for a 10:35mpm pace

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