Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Friggin' cheese curd....

Carol and I did a loop this morning that included road that we rarely run on. It was an exercise in concentration for me because I am suffering a cheese-induced "episode" of the spins. (Yes. Cheese. I didn't really think about it because, well, it's just cheese. I bought some curd last week when I was in Logan. I know that cheese has salt, and I know that curd has more salt. To make matters worse, I bought a bag of smoked curd! HELLO? It's not like I think about cheese's salt content because, really, who has more than just a couple of slices on a sandwich from time to time, right? But when it's curd, and it's so easy to eat, and the kids love to snack on it... Well, then this is what you get: nausea, hearing loss in one ear, sleeping upright in a recliner, overall miserableness.) Anyway, I had to REALLY focus and concentrate on not falling down while running. Is road running the smartest off-kilter activity I could find? Well, no, but whatever. I sweat a lot, so it helps to flush the salt out of my system, and we need the miles. So, I just watched the white line of the bike lane and tried not to get run over. It was a thrill. Carol was watching out for me the entire time.
Stats: 5.75 miles in 1:04:57 for an 11:18mpm pace

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