Friday, October 28, 2011


Brrrrr!!! My fingers never warmed up today. That's pretty cold. Otherwise, it was a great run! We got a good hill in, decent distance, and had enough to talk about for the entire run. AND, I always feel like such a bad ass when we pass people who are all bundled up and look like they would rather die than walk in the cold weather. We had a nice little patch down by the Salt Palace when we passed a few groups of visitors from an Asian country (probably Japan). By the way they were dressed and the location, they are all probably here for some kind of convention, but that's not my point. They were all so very nice - it was almost a chorus of "Good Morning" from each group! The locals are never that happy or friendly!
Stats: 6.68 miles in 1:13:23 for an 11:00mpm pace

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