Sunday, October 31, 2010

First International Run

I spent the day traveling from Utah to Ontario. I was at the airport PLENTY early, in the air for a few hours, had just enough time to changes planes in Minneapolis, and then had to drive from Toronto to Burlington on a freeway that I feel isn’t well marked, and in a car with no keys. I know that I’m old-fashioned; the Prius just freaks me out! There isn’t even a real gear shift!
I ate some yogurt and grapes before leaving home, had a glass of OJ and some pretzels on the first plane and some water and two cookies on the second plane. Once I finally found my hotel (drove past it a few times), I just wanted to get a run in. I wasn’t terribly hungry, yet.
Knowing that I blew it for a 100 mile month, I wanted to get 75 completed which meant that I would have to run 6 miles. It was dark when I arrived, and given the fact that I couldn’t find the hotel (which is tall and obvious) I figured that running on a possibly poorly lit path in an unfamiliar town next to a big lake wasn’t a very good idea. I resorted to the hotel treadmill.
I haven’t run on a treadmill for three years. It was WEIRD. I chose an interval workout and watched the start of World Series game 4. About 20 minutes into the run I started to get hungry. I had a bit of water and noticed that I was a bit light headed. At about 3.5 miles, I whacked the emergency stop button by mistake. I was really hungry and getting woozier. I think that it was wise to only run a few more minutes for a total of 4 miles. I just had visions of me falling off the ‘mill and hitting the wall behind me.
I ran across the street to get something to eat and I was feeling more and more loopy. I almost inhaled a bag of chips while the guy at The Pita Pit made my gyro. Back to the room to eat, shower, and wash my running clothes. I’m feeling much better now.
Stats: 4 miles in approx 44 minutes for 11mpm pace

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Lish said...

Glad you didn't fall off or pass out. Would have been very Biggest Loser Episode if you would have. Except you don't look like a Biggest Loser contestant. Have fun.