Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IM conversation right after our run

Carol [7:24 AM]:
What did you get for time?
Kaye [7:25 AM]:
are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Carol [7:25 AM]:
we rock?
Kaye [7:25 AM]:
like - we have no idea how fast we really are?
or we rock?
or we kick some serious ass!
Carol [7:26 AM]:
that's us!
Kaye [7:26 AM]:
what the heck! I didn't think 10:26 pace AT ALL!
I'm shocked
Carol [7:26 AM]:
I am too.
Kaye [7:26 AM]:
I put in 5.64 miles at 58:48 (compromise between our two times) for a 10;26 pace
holy cow
Carol [7:26 AM]:
this is awesome!

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