Wednesday, October 6, 2010

After a looooonnnngggg night...

I was up at 5am yesterday. I worked a bit from home. Then, Peanut woke up, Mommy Bub, and the Meatball. We played, we "ran" (see yesterday's pathetic post), we baked cookies, and then I went to work. I worked from 5pm until 2:30am. I was up for 21.5 hours. It was (not) thrilling. Carol and I crashed on somebody's office floor and got up again at 5am, changed our clothes, and headed out for a decent run. We ran the Liberty route with a very important potty stop in the middle. It felt good after yesterday's suck-fest. It has given me the adrenaline to work until about 9am when I'm sure that I'll need a little nap. I'm FOR SURE taking a nap during lunch, and possibly on the ride home. All I really care about is the fact that today's run was nice, and I felt strong.
Stats: 5.02 miles in 55.14 for a 11:01mpm pace (in the rain, humidity, and weird fog...)

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