Friday, June 25, 2010

Red Butte Trail run

Carol and I planned to do a long run on trails today. Turns out that the trouble with this plan is that we aren't very familiar with the trails in the area, we either have to run 4 miles to get to them or drive. If we drive, we get there faster, but miss out on guaranteed miles. We chose to do that today. We thought for sure that we could make up the miles on the trail. NOT!

We hit Bonneville Shoreline right above Huntsman Cancer Institute and headed south. We took a few left turns while going up and down and up and down. Then, we were going up, up, up, up, up, and wait - a bit more up. We had to walk for a good two miles. UG! The trail was steep enough that we had to basically walk the down, too. We went left, we went right, we eventually found a road and Red Butte Creek. Finally, we decided that we had to get to work, so we headed down the road and ran through Fort Douglas and back to the car.

We only got 5.25 miles in at 15:33mpm (bummer), but they were quality miles, and a lot of fun. It was cool (especially by the creek), beautiful, and technical. My glutes, calves, and quads know that they have been worked. I'll have to get in some additional miles this weekend to make up for those that we missed today. Here is a view of the sun peeking over the mountains in Red Butte Canyon.

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