Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Well, THAT was interesting!

Well, that was an interesting run! As part of the co-workers group run, I was slated to run 6 miles: 2 at normal pace, 1 at tempo, and 3 at normal. My tempo mile was interrupted by two things: a) Van running red light who missed me by 10 feet, and b) me helping the motorist that the van hit 2 seconds later. I called the cops for her, waited for the cops and EMTs to get there, and then continued on my way. Half mile later, I came just a minute late to the next accident where a person drove up and out of an underground parking and hit a pedestrian who was then lying on the ground holding his head. There were plenty of people there to help him, so I continued on my way. I turned around at my 1/2 way point and headed back. The gal from the first accident was still there, so I sat with her until her dad arrived. I DID manage to get my tempo mile in, but the "run" took me almost two hours to complete.
Stats: 5.73 miles in 59:37 for a 10:24mpm pace

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