Monday, May 6, 2013

I did NOT want to run more than 3

Hmmm... Not a great pace. I started from our house and had intended to do two standard loops that I use a lot. Then, I changed my mind. I just wanted to do something different, so I started weaving in and out of streets to accumulate mileage and made my way to Grimm's Gate. Then, I ran through that field and down the hill onto Middle Canyon Road. I was going to run up that road a ways until I spotted an unhappy dog up ahead. I decided not to run past it, so I turned back down and stopped at the golf course for a drink. This was about mile 3, and I knew then that I didn't want to go any further, but I still had six miles to go! Then, it was down to 7th Ave and back up to Droubay until 1000 North. It was about here that my body finally went to auto-pilot, and I stopped the internal bitching. Finally, I wound my way back to Broadway and home. I think that the hills at the beginning impacted my pace, and I took several walk breaks at the end.
Stats: 9.06 miles in 1:43:51 for an 11:28mpm pace

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