Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This was the first-ever Tooele 1/2 Marathon, and it was a FREE event. Yay! We started up Middle Canyon and ran down to Droubay. We stayed on Droubay until Bates Canyon where we turned and ran to the high school. Easy course to follow. By mile 9, I was regretting the boot camp class that I had completed the day before. We started at 6am which is a good thing since it was starting to get hot on the shade-less Droubay road. There were 28 people there - all via a FB community page. Not bad! The mileage was a bit off, so our 1/2 marathon was actually 13.55 miles. My splits are below:
Mile 1: 11:26
Mile 2: 10:50
Mile 3: 10:59
Mile 4: 11:07
Mile 5: 11:01
Mile 6/7: 22:05 (or 11:03 each)
Mile 8: 12:57 (potty break!)
Mile 9: 10:49
Mile 10: 10:56
Mile 11: 11:19
Mile 12: 12:12
Mile 13+: 12:06
This was a PR for the distance, but only by three minutes. I was hoping for much better. However, it was my longest run of the year, and my longest distance since sometime last year (or maybe more?), so I'm OK with it. My 1/2 in July will be much better.
My legs were SORE for the next two days. Stiff as all hell, quads and calves.
Stats (overall): 13.55 miles in 2:27:30 for a 10:53mpm pace
22nd of 28 runners.

Starting line:

Halfway point on Droubay Road:

Finish line at Stansbury High:

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