Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long run - two days early

I ran my long run today instead of Saturday for a couple of reasons. First, we're going to be really busy on Saturday. Second, we slept at granny's last night, and I didn't have bus fare! It wasn't a very great run. OK, but not great. I've had dizziness due to Meniere's since Tuesday night, and it's exhausting. Not to mention nauseating. So, blah. At about miles 7.5, I had to stop and just stop. I was tired. I then walked an entire block and considered walking the remaining distance, but then I realized that I was close enough to work that coworkers could possibly see me, and I just couldn't have that!
Stats: 8.32 miles in 1:34:12 for an 11:29mpm pace

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