Monday, May 13, 2013

another LROY - much better than last week!

This run was 10x better than last weekend's run! First, I ran the Bevan/Coleman loop carrying my movie from the night before. At about mile 2.5, I dropped it off at the library. (The First Grader. I recommend it.) Then, I finished that 5.6 mile loop and stopped off at the house to get Sadie. She ran the next 3.3 with me. Then, I stopped to get Lizzy, thinking that she had a mile in her (she did just a couple of weeks ago). Alas, I think she has run her last run. She was struggling to walk and keep up with me, so I had a 1/2 mile cool down with her. I thought about calling it quits for the day, but I only had a mile to go before I got my 10 in for the day. I went back out and did one lap at the cemetary. I felt better at the end of 10 miles than I did at 3 miles last week!
Stats: 10 miles in 1:54:54 for an 11:29mpm pace

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