Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I shouldn't have been so pooped after yesterday's 7-miler, but I am. OK - it's not really yesterday's run that is to blame - it's the two weeks of sitting on my ass.... Carol is determined that if I'm going to get THAT close to 1000 for two years (909.8 in 2011 and 921.5 in 2010) that she is not going to let me miss it again. She even has her hubby in on it! So, she has us banking miles already, and for her persistence I am grateful. She pushes and encourages me (in a nice way). We are taking on a second weight lifting class each week now, so it will be even more important for me to get my running miles in. I'm going to have to run on the weekends and stop being so lazy. Hmmm... Does it sound like a broken record in here? (Off topic: how many people actually know what that phrase means? How many of us are out there that actually had a broken record? Funny...)
Stats: 7 miles in 1:16:48 for a 10:59mpm pace

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