Tuesday, January 3, 2012

1st run of the year

Yes, I missed my goal of 1000 miles for 2011. I had 909.8, so I was basically 90 miles off. I totally could have done this by just adding two extra 5-milers in each month. Stupid to miss the goal. This year, my goal is 100+ miles/month which will give me 1200+ by December 31. That's just 25 miles/week. I gotta get off my lazy ass. So, after being lazy for the past two weeks, Carol and I decided to start banking miles early in the year and went a bit longer today than we normally would. We were slowing towards the end, but I'm glad that we did it. (Plus, it was an extra 200 calories burned, and I really needed that after pigging out for the last couple of weeks!)
Stats: 7.26 miles in 1:21:27 for an 11:14mpm pace

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