Monday, August 9, 2010

nothing flashy

I ran by myself this morning because Carol is still recovering from her weekend race. (Yes, she ran again. This time, to the top of Jupiter Peak and back - a 16 mile trail run for crazies - at one point, racers were on hands and knees scrabbling up a half mile of loose rock scree. Since Nate already dubbed the Gruesome Grizzly 8k as Sapper Joe's mean little brother, I think that Jupiter Peak must be Sapper Joe's bitchy sister.)

Anyway, back to my boring run. I decided to do some speed because Carol will still be sore tomorrow and she has another race on Saturday! Stats: 5 miles, 52:11, 10:27mpm. Not bad.

1 comment:

Lish said...

I think all of your runs are flashy!!!!