Friday, August 20, 2010

fast, but not long

I ran alone today and did the same downtown loop that Carol and I did last week. I did it a smidge slower, but my pace was still very low 10s. (Actually, if I use Carol's garmin mileage from last week, it was 5.58 miles. If I use mileage according to the internet, it was 5.45. If I use Carol's distance, my pace was sub-10. But, since she wasn't with me today, I just have to use what I have.) Yay! I like that I'm getting speedwork in, but I hate that things aren't working out at home so that I can get long runs in. I don't feel like I can run for more than two hours before work, so the really long runs (18-22) need to be done on the weekend, and that's just not been easy. Oh well. I am getting faster, and that's always good!
Stats: 5.45 miles, 55:09, 10:08mpm, 62*

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