Friday, August 6, 2010

disappointing pace

Stats: 11.9 miles in 2:22:40 for a 12mpm pace

Not my best run, but considering that this is my longest run for a few weeks AND the fact that I took almost two weeks off, it wasn't horrible. I probably would have done a bit better if I had worn different shorts. I was wearing the worst shorts that I have for chafing, and I'm paying for it now. Of course, if my friggin' thighs weren't so damn fat.....

Carol took the day off because she has a race tomorrow (Jupiter Peak - she's nuts....), so I was slogging it out on my own. She pushes me, and I suspect that I would have done better if she were around. Oh well. It was a nice run with the first 5 miles being a constant climb.

Rest tomorrow (and by rest, I mean baby shower, NICU reunion, new home party, and maybe swimming), and I'll go again on Sunday!

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