Tuesday, August 3, 2010

long break (due to homework)

Yes - my first run in almost two weeks. I've spent the last two weeks finishing up all of my assignments for the 2nd semester of school. THAT has NOT been fun, and I seriously did not have time to run. So, I was expecting today's run to be difficult, but it was actually quite nice. Except that it was BLOODY HOT OUT THERE (78* and 45% humidity), I was not sore, or tired, or even felt like I was pushing it. Carol and I did 5 miles in 54:36 (10:56mpm pace). I thought I was going to be 11:30 or even 12 mpm, so, I'm happy with today's run. It's nice to be back out on the roads for a few reasons:
1) I gained a pound during those late night eat-anything-to-keep-me-awake sessions,
2) we have a marathon in 6 weeks (holy shit)
3) my homework is DONE for the semester!!!

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