Friday, January 8, 2010

OK to run when YELLOW burn?

What follows is an e-mail conversation with my doctor (who is also Bub's mom's doc, Bub's step-dad's doc, and used to be Bub's doc):

Dr. Hecht,
A couple of days ago, you told Dave that exercising outside on a RED burn day is like smoking a pack of cigarettes. I've been staying indoors on RED burn days, but what about YELLOW burn days? Is it still safe to run outside then?

Dear Kaye.
Let everything else we need to balance the good and bad. I personally exercise on the yellow alert days outside but stay inside on red alert days.
It depends whether or not you like exercising indoors (I hate it ) so I take
the small risk of exercising outside.

Damn! One less excuse to use. :)

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