Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why's it gotta be so hot?

That post title has a fun cadence (unlike my running), but the grammatical issues may make me change it later. This was a tough run. First, I gave blood yesterday. The next day's run is always a little harder after doing that. I drank a LOT of water yesterday, but not enough to perk me right back up. I don't mind; it's a good cause. I should have thought about this donation before I was at the half way point though. It felt like a really long run, and I felt exhausted. I probably should have run a shorter distance considering yesterday. Second, it was freaking 78* at 6AM. Oh. My. Holy. Crap. I can't function in this kind of heat. It's awful. It's supposed to be 103* today.... Third. I'm getting crap for sleep. We're sleeping downstairs because it's cooler down there. Why is it cooler? Well, because we STILL don't have central air. I'm so sick of this. I'm going to stop now because this is going to turn into a bitch session, and I'm too tired to do it justice. Stats: 5.46 miles in 57:15 for a 10:30mpm pace

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