Monday, July 9, 2012

hill repeats with the TM guys

This was an interesting run. Each Monday, a few of us from the Tough Mudder team are getting together to workout. Today was hill repeats in Sugarhouse Park. Instead of riding up to the park, Carol and I started running from work - mainly because I didn't do squat over the weekend, and I needed the miles. So, we ran the two miles up to the park where I met Russell and Michael. Carol didn't want to do hill-repeats since she had just done a half on Saturday. She ran two laps while I ran five hill repeats with the guys. Then, we ran the outside lap. I did five more hill repeats without the guys, and then I ran back. The first set of five weren't too bad. I was tired by the time the send set came, but I did it. Then, after I was done and had stood around fixing my hair, I realized how stiff I was because my hammys and glutes were already stiff. Oh, joy. Stats: 7.73 miles in 1:17:26 for a 10:02mpm pace

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